Main Features

What can you do with Hulahoop?

Family And Safety First!

Track your child going to the school or for a school trip. Track your family and be sure they are safe.

User Friendly Design

What was crucial for us while designing Hulahoop was to make it user-friendly.

Get Notified

Automatically get notified when your family or friends visit one of your favorite places.

Different Circles

Create different circles for your children, babysitters, colleagues and more.

Battery-Friendly Application

We have developed a battery-friendly application with optimized location services so that using less battery power, you could have a better experience than the ones offered by other applications.

Quick Updates

We continue improving Hulahoop. Also, we have amazing ideas that we are still working on.

How Does Hulahoop Work?

  • Create a circle with your beloved ones.
  • Choose who to invite to your circle.
  • Now everybody who has accepted your invitation is visible in your circle! It’s that easy!

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